HOW WILL THE PRICES ON THE REAL ESTATE MARKET IN TURKEY CHANGE IN 2022? Gradually, as the borders began to open and air traffic improved, the demand for housing from foreign investors resumed, and also significantly intensified among Turkish applicants thanks to an unprecedented anti-crisis mortgage program.

Let’s see what affects the pricing policy:

– the prestige of the area
– infrastructure development
– proximity of housing to the sea
– transport accessibility

Accommodation on the first line of the coast is more expensive than similar in complexes further from the coast.
If there is a park or entertainment center nearby, the cost increases.
The presence of an airport or production nearby lowers the price.
At the construction stage, the price will be lower than after commissioning.
The year of construction also plays a role – the more modern the house is, the more expensive the apartments are.
The price is also influenced by the presence of previous owners: secondary housing, of course, is cheaper

Modern houses are built from high quality materials of the European level – this makes new housing more expensive.
Often, apartments and villas in Turkey are sold already furnished, with built-in appliances.
Accordingly, the higher the class of furniture and equipment, the more the owner or developer will receive for the apartment upon sale. REAL ESTATE PRICES IN TURKEY in 2022 will increase by 25-30% Therefore, if you are seriously considering buying an apartment in Turkey, then make a decision faster! There are many profitable offers on the market now!

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